Thursday, June 22, 2006


No quote for this one.

The threat of fire is so pervasive that a siren sounds and we all cringe, wondering if it's in our part of town.

Today one of my co-workers came into my office and told me she thought there was a fire in my part of town. I was worried. My dog was home alone and I was 40 minutes away. I called the fire department to verify. Luckily, there wasn't a fire. However, the dispatcher said that we are welcome to call anytime because people are worried and if it helps, call.

There were 4 fires in town today - and the one in Sedona still burns.

This fire, behind my office, was started by a man who wanted to cook some lunch. He started his lunch fire and then threw the match into a trash can - which promptly burst into flames.

Everything is kindling right now. And we have to watch what we're doing or we could burn down the whole town.


Laurie said...

Oh wow that's scary. Sorry to hear you have to worry about this so much.

Kate said...

Your photo is a dramatic presentation of the constant danger. Fire is hypnotic for some people but SO dangerous at the same time, especially when it threatens one's home!