Wednesday, July 05, 2006

what they seem

"Things do not pass for what they are, but for what they seem. Most things are judged by their jackets."
~ Baltasar Gracian ~


Suby said...

Think this is my 1st time on your blog, love what I see, (just having a quick browse) Will be back later to comments properly :)
Promise to be nice but honest :)

dawn said...

suby, honesty is a very personal thing. I think you mean that you'll be honest to your feelings. Photography is a subjective thing. You may not like what I produce or you may. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don't. But usually I'm trying to convey a message and if that gets across, that's a good thing.

I rarely agree with your comments on Laurie's photographs. But I chalk it up to having a different perspective on photography and coming from a different place.

I'm comfortable with what I produce. It works for me. I'll take your comments in stride but don't count on them changing the way I photograph or the way I perceive the world through my lens. It's all subjective.

Laurie said...

I like the texture this shot has.

Suby...Be nice now!

Dawn thanks for your comments and support. I think my issues are just about resolved. I put an update on the last post. I will also post an update tonight. It's almost funny what happened.

John said...

A collection of nice shots. Well done.

Kate said...

Interesting and creative.

Natalie said...

This beautiful.